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Seok Jongwon






+82- 2-3280-9982


After receiving his BS degree in mechanical engineering from the Yonsei university in 1988,
Prof. Seok went on to earn a MS in the area of dynamic systems, vibrations and control from
the same institution in 1990.

He then spent the next six years working in the area of dynamics,
structural dynamics, vibrations and controls for LG Electronics Co. Ltd. In Seoul, Korea,

After this period, he entered the Ph. D. program in Mechanical, Aerospace and Nuclear Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York, USA, earning his degree in 2001. In late 2001,
Prof. Seok was invited for a two-year period as a research fellow at the same institute.
Prof. Seok then accepted a position as principal researcher at Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.
Where he was associated with various dynamics-related research programs, In 2004,
he joined the faculty of the School of Mechanical Engineering at Chung-Ang University, in Seoul, Korea.

Work Experience

2003. 09 ~ 2004. 08

2001. 08 ~ 2003. 07

1990. 01 ~ 1996. 01

삼성전자 수석연구원
- BLDC 로터리 컴프레서 저진동/저소음 연구
- FJM Air Conditioner 저진동/저소음 연구


Postdoc. Res. Assoc.
- Research on the Tribological system
- Solid Mechanical Modeling of CMP Mechanism


LG 전자 주임연구원
- 스터링 엔진/쿨러 연구 및 개발
- 컴프레서 고효율/저소음 연구

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