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​중앙대학교 응용동역학 연구실

Lab of Modeling, Analysis and eXperiment In Dynamics

중앙대학교 응용동역학 연구실은 세계 최고 수준의 동역학 전문인력 양성을 목표로

연구 및 교육 과정을 운영하고 있습니다

기계 공학

Research Area

1) Structural vibrations and nonlinear dynamics

2) Smart materials and their applications

3) Pipeline vibration energy harvesting and its applications

4) Fluid structure interactions and their applications

5) Tribolou and surface engineering

Latest Publications

Modeling and performance analysis of electromagnetic energy harvester based on torsional galloping phenomenon

Kim H, Kim S, Xue K, Seok J,

Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 195, 110287, 2023

엔지니어링 계획
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